Lucy Maxwell

Head of Fieldwork

I have been happily working in market research for the past 15 years, and over the last 10 years I have gained enormous experience in managing global qualitative projects and building networks around the world.
I am fortunate to have learnt all I know from one of the leading global qualitative agencies in the UK.
During that time I have worked on a vast range of projects, from the straightforward to the brain-boggling, and am always up for any challenge presented to me!
I approach my work with focus, energy and passion.
I am gregarious, pro-active, meticulous and endlessly curious.
To get away from it all, I love to perform on the stage so I can see people smile.
I have a real passion for helping others, and I have worked for many voluntary organisations, including a charity that I founded in Haiti to help orphaned children.
My goal is to ensure each project is as seamless as possible from start to finish – no matter what it takes.