High-cost credit review












The brief

The FCA was looking to carry out qualitative research among consumers on their experience of using overdrafts, whether arranged or unarranged overdraft.  The purpose of the study was to explore consumers’ use, experience and understanding of overdrafts.  















Our approach

Atticus used a multi-strand approach to data capture; a combination of individual, face to face, remote and group methodologies that allowed us to tap into the individual strengths of each one, but without being over-reliant on a single method or touch-point.


The results

We gained a huge amount of rich and compelling insight, understanding how consumers use and experience overdrafts, awareness of overdraft pricing structures, and identifying possible interventations.

The project has been a real highlight for us at Atticus, it demonstrated that good research delivers insights, and hopefully raising awareness and supporting improved practices in financial services.   If you'd like to read more, the FCA has released the results from the study, which can be found here.