Construction Industry Training Board

Understanding how young people choose a career, and exploring attitudes to careers in construction









The brief

The business was looking to commission qualitative research to explore the attitudes, awareness, and motivations of young people, aged 14-19 years, with regards to the appeal and consideration of construction as a potential career path and the effectiveness of careers information, guidance, and promotional activities within the industry.










Our approach

For this project we used a mobile ethnography app and set tasks with young people a week, tasking them to make short selfie-videos in response to questions about them and their lives right now; how they feel about the future; what decisions they need to make etc.  They even interviewed their friends and parents on camera to help understand how others influence their decision-making.

The results

We gained a huge amount of rich and compelling insight, identifying precisely how young people are influenced in their decisions at this age, and how the perceptions of working in construction are shaped.


Our principle client provided the following testimonial:
“The approach Atticus Research took to our youth research project using mobile ethnography was hugely refreshing, allowing us to elicit some really fascinating insight in the most genuine manner from an audience who are used to engaging and communicating in this way. There is nothing quite like hearing the thoughts directly from the respondents themselves, and we found the video output hugely compelling, providing us with extremely rich actionable insight.”

Stuart Greenacre, Research Project Leader, CITB