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Transformers Programme








What we did?

We recently completed the third evaluation process for a professional development programme administered by the Museum Association, for staff working in Museums and Art Galleries.









Our approach

Aside from traditional evaluation techniques, we used the Indeemo mobile ethnography app to capture short videos of participant responses at key touchpoints, and create a video diary over the 12 month period of the programme, capturing the personal and professional journey undertaken by participants.

“Matt and the team at Atticus have provided an excellent evaluation framework and analysis for an experimental UK-wide professional development programme. The methodology has allowed us to measure both personal and skills development over two iterations of the programme as well as organisational impact. Working with Atticus has meant we can tweak the programme whilst delivering it as well as demonstrate our learning to funders. We have secured further funding to grow the programme year on year and this has been helped greatly by our partnership with Atticus.”

Jessica Turtle, Project Manager, Museums Association