Tailored solutions that deliver consumer insight and innovative thinking.

We don’t have a set approach, but rather talk to our clients, listen to the challenge, and offer tailored research options that are within budget and provide the insights you need to take your brand, products or services forward.

We offer the full range of research methodologies – from focus groups to user experience testing, creative workshops to online communities.




Innovative Research

We are constantly innovating and developing new approaches that bring you closer to your customers and reveal their motivations and influences.

We have a fantastic range of research tools – from a mobile ethnography app, that captures consumers in the moment, to workshop style focus groups that turn your customers into a fantastic creative resource.

All our approaches – new or established, are selected on the basis that they work: they add value and insight; they are cost effective; and they fit around the needs of our clients, and the lives of our participants.

What use is consumer insight unless it gives you and your team a clear, dependable sense of direction?

Our outputs are rigorous, insightful, and full or ideas to address business challenges and drive change. We always go the extra mile - using our wider knowledge and experience of consumer markets to give you the practical tools to succeed. 

For example, we often develop optimum customer journeys, consumer case studies, personas and segmentations, as well as examples of best practice product concepts or communications.  And you won’t just get a clear set of next steps –we support this with video content so everyone in your organisation can stand in the consumer’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.


Our researchers are out and about talking to consumers about all kinds of subjects all of the time.  

Not only are we in tune with consumer trends, we also understand how best to tap into this, bringing a wider context of the environmental and behavioural factors that influence consumers to bear in our work with you.