Our business model is founded on the principle of allowing time and space for good ideas and good thinking.


The Atticus Way


Our job is to create the situation that unlocks insight. Enabling consumers to articulate sometimes complex responses and unlock the deeper feelings they have in relation to the products, services, and brands in their lives.


Strategy and planning

We turn insights into actionable recommendations so you and your colleagues know exactly what to do in order to achieve your business objectives.


Behavioural Economics

When we identify the cognitive biases and shortcuts people use, we are in a far better position to develop customer journeys that support the decision-making process.





How we work with you

We have high standards. We never cut corners. We only take on what we can comfortably manage.  This frees us up to spend the time and go that extra mile for our clients.


This gives us time to develop ideas, and our researchers the opportunity to grow and develop their skills – immersing themselves in the markets they are researching, viewing the insights in context of the wider world. 

We don’t have timesheets or sales targets and this frees us up to go beyond the brief and add value.

We work closely with our clients – more as partners, there to offer support and guidance beyond the research project – building excellent working relationships over time – our first clients are still our biggest clients. 





Only by trying something new, can you transform your thinking.

We are constantly exploring new ways of 'living with' people to ensure that we fully understand the context in which they experience choice and decision making. 

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