Atticus is an ideas business


Capturing consumer insight is just one part of this – we use what people tell us about your brand, product or service, and develop ideas or innovations that will give you the edge – and tell you the things you didn’t already know.

And this means our market research results in a genuine return on investment.







Our job is to create the situation that unlocks real insight 

Drawing on our experience to design research that goes beyond the obvious to the heart of consumer behaviour and decision making

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Matt and the team at Atticus have provided an excellent evaluation framework and analysis for an experimental UK-wide professional development programme. The methodology has allowed us to measure both personal and skills development over two iterations of the programme as well as organisational impact. Working with Atticus has meant we can tweak the programme whilst delivering it as well as demonstrate our learning to funders. We have secured further funding to grow the programme year on year and this has been helped greatly by our partnership with Atticus.”

Jessica Turtle Project Manager, Museums Association

“The approach Atticus Research took to our youth research project using Indeemo was hugely refreshing, allowing us to elicit some really fascinating insight in the most genuine manner from an audience who are used to engaging and communicating in this way. There is nothing quite like hearing the thoughts directly from the respondents themselves, and we found the video output hugely compelling, providing us with extremely rich actionable insight.”

Stuart Greenacre Research Analyst, CITB

“Working with Atticus was a delight from start to finish – from advice on framing our research questions to the final debrief. They were excellent value – thoughtful, clear and challenged us in the sort of helpful, productive and courteous way you really want from market research”. 

Alice Bell Director of communications, 10:10

“Thank you for all your hard work on this project. Your dedication to the cause and absolute expertise has been totally invaluable. I really believe this piece of work is going to set DK’s travel guide business up for years to come.”

Georgina Dee Publishing Director, Dorling Kindersley

Working with Atticus has allowed us to make considerable progress in improving our marketing of current courses and testing new programmes. We’ve found their approach perfectly tailored to our needs and have received incredibly valuable data as a result. We’d recommend their services to any type of business looking to gain a better understanding of their market.

Mark Hitchcock Marketing Manager, UEA

“Atticus are fantastic to work with – responsive, enthusiastic and authoritative in their technical expertise – and have become a truely trusted research partner.”


“Thoughtful, insightful and often inspired, I know that when I work with Atticus I am going to get extra value out of my project. Matt is one of the best qualitative researchers I have ever worked with. His passion for making research count leads to creative approaches that always deliver practical outcomes.”


“I always look forward to working with Atticus. They maintain a consistently high standard both in the energy and rigour of their work, and also in the elegance of their thinking – helping me see the customer’s world more deeply and clearly.”

Tom Wood Partner, Foolproof Group

“The research conducted by Atticus helped challenge a number of our assumptions and resulted in changes to our product development that resulted in a proposition much more closely aligned with our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Anthony Payne Marketing Manager, Vanquis Bank

“Atticus have conducted a number of studies for us here at LexisNexis. Their work has allowed us to understand how our highly specialised and technical customers conduct many of their everyday tasks therefore, enabling us to optimise new products we want to bring to market. Atticus’ recent work gave us great insight into how our content and navigation should be labelled and structured, a piece of work that will have longitudinal value and influence as we move into future developments.”

Amanda Roach Consulting UX Researcher – Design & Usability (LNI)

“The team at Atticus continually provide us with robust and thorough insight into our customers in a professional and friendly manner. They have a great understanding of our products, our customers and how we work; and always produce useful and easy to understand results.”

Sarah Durrant Marketing Executive, Vanquis Bank




Our business model is founded on the principle of allowing time and space for good ideas and good thinking

You put your faith in us, and we put ourselves in your shoes and never deliver less than the best.


Our recent work with the FCA

Atticus was chosen to carry out the consumer research on overdrafts - a real highlight for us and a genuine team effort.  

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Digital Ethnography 

We are constantly exploring new ways of 'living with' people to ensure that we fully understand the context in which they experience choice and decision-making




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